Yoga for Period Pains – 20 Min

If, like me, you suffer from debilitating pain during your period, then it might feel super tempting to curl up in a ball and hibernate from the world. Whilst this isn’t a bad idea, I have found that some very gentle movement can also work wonders at reducing the pain, and also dropping into your body at this incredibly powerful time in your cycle. X

Sweet Dreams – 20 Min

Sometime it can be so difficult to transition from that wired work state into sleep mode. It can take some time to switch out of the sympathetic and into the parasympathetic nervous system, and this class will hopefully speed up this process and get you ready for a beautiful nights sleep! X

Upper Body Bliss – 60 Min

Are you carrying pain in your upper back, shoulders or neck? If so, this is the perfect class for you! This gentle yin yoga class will help you to open and release tight and sore muscles in the upper back, shoulders, and neck while improving your overall health and mood. Breathe, allow the props to do the work and support your total upper body realignment. X