Yoga & Pilates Fusion – 15 Min

A full body yoga & pilates session with me and Louise Buttler. If you have one, then grab your small ball, but don’t worry if you don’t have one – everything can be done without! X

Rise & Shine – 25 Min

This vinyasa class is designed to get you moving and set the pace for an amazing day. You’ll flow through some feel-good poses, body-lengthening stretches, and core-awakening moves to give you an all-day energy boost. X

Pre Run Warm-Up – 10 Min

Not warming up before run can cause a whole myriad of problems for our body. I learnt this the hard way, and since I started taking the time to properly activate my glutes & core, my performance is so much stronger, and my body feels like it is actually enjoying the runs! X

Courageous Flow – 25 Min

In need of a of dose of courage? This short but sweet yoga class will get you in touch with your inner strength through grounding, flowing and empowering core work. In this practice, you’ll explore new transitions with courageous fierceness, get out of the head and into the body! X

Trust Yourself – 25 Min

We can have all of the tools and do all of the preparation, but it often comes down to a matter of trust. And most importantly, trust in ourselves. Try not to over think or complicate the movements in this flow, just steady yourself, and bring it back to that deep sense of trust in yourself. X

Side Body Blaster – 15 Min

When we think of “core strength” we often just focus on the anterior (front) core muscles. But when it comes to support, definition, and function, it is just as, if not more, important to focus on the side body. So here is a little 15 minute blaster for you to do anytime, and hopefully come back to repeatedly! X

Hips Don’t Lie – 25 Min

In this class, you will relieve tightness and deepen your awareness of the hips. Discover how the hips can be a doorway to releasing stored or stuck emotions as you work on opening up the hip flexors and hip joints, and moving away from anything that may be holding you back. Allow your curiosity to move both within your personal and universal landscape, then use that knowledge to elevate your wisdom, get deep into the hips, create some space, and release.