Advent Day 4 – 10 Min

Quick pow wow to get you going in the morning, or to let off some steam in the evening. Yoga practices don’t have to be long, you get get SO much benefit from moving your body just for a few minutes. X

Advent Day 3 – 25 Min

Allow all of your tension and troubles to float away in this mini yin class. You will need a strap, or something that resembles a strap. The perfect way to wind down at the end of the day, in fact we wont even move from our backs for the whole class! Enjoy my loves. X

Spice – 10 Min

As you probably all know, I am a massive believer in the fact that any movement is better than no movement, even if it’s just 5 or 10 minutes. So if you’re struggling to make time for yourself today, this is the perfect class for you. X

Revive – 30 Min

Go on a journey around the mat, exploring your own inner landscape and connecting with your true self. X

Unravel – 20 Min

The ultimate full body release. This class will make you feel stronger in your legs, more open in your spine and chest, and more flexible in your hips. X